Online Masterclasses

24 ~ 25 October 2020

Songwriters of the selected 10 songs for the Finale Concert, will be entitled to attend a fully-sponsored Masterclass sessions where their songs will be individually heard and critiqued upon by established, renowned songwriters via virtual video conferencing platform. With the tips and knowledge gained from the Masterclasses, the participating songwriters could improve on their song (if they wish to) to be presented at the Finale Concert.

Lee Si Song

No strangers to the Chinese music scene, Lee Si Song’s nearly three-decade-long career has had innumerable highlights. He has composed many popular hits such as ‘A Thousand Sad Reasons’, ‘Cloudy Day’, ‘The Scent of Lemongrass’ and ‘She Told Me’, and has collaborated with multiple established singers namely Jacky Cheung, Jolin Tsai, and Jam Hsiao. He is also one of the mentors of Singapore’s top Mandopop export Stefanie Sun, where he not only created many classic songs for her but also established her status in the music scene.

Billy Koh

Having produced more than 100 albums and groomed regional stars like JJ Lin, Kit Chan, A-do, and BY2, Billy Koh remains one of the most influential music industry players today. Under his belt, he has produced numerous award-winning hits such as Kit Chan’s ‘Heartache’, A-do’s ‘Persevering’, JJ Lin’s ‘River South’ and ‘Those Were The Days’. With the participation of two reputable masters, participants of ‘SG:SW I Write The Songs 2020’ are in for a treat.